Photo mosaic
Create a photo mosaic with your own photos and adjust settings as preferred.
friends mosaic
Create a friends mosaic in 30 seconds from your Facebook photo profile made up of your friends.


You can download the photo mosaic you created in high resolution for £6,99.
You determine the size of the photo mosaic and you choose the photos.


You can also immediately order a print of the photo mosaic. This service is provided by HalloCanvas, which can provide high quality prints on various types of materials. They also take care of shipping and customer service. See the prices for the various materials below. Orders are at home within maximum 4 days.



Have your photo mosaic developed and printed on top quality Fuji photo paper.
The paper is matte, solid and thick, with a satin appearance. You get the size of a poster, but with the quality of a real photograph.
SizePriceSendMosaicTotal (Incl. VAT)


Create a familiar and intimate atmosphere with your photo mosaic on canvas. The canvas is made from natural, high quality materials that will make
your photo mosaic come out on its own on the canvas. Make a photo mosaic on canvas for a real eye catcher in your home!
SizePriceSendMosaicTotal (Incl. VAT)
50 X 50 cm27,054,956,9938,99
60 X 60 cm40,054,956,9951,99
70 X 70 cm54,054,956,9965,99
80 X 80 cm60,054,956,9971,99
90 X 90 cm64,054,956,9975,99
50 X 70 cm29,054,956,9940,99
60 X 80 cm44,054,956,9955,99
60 X 90 cm50,054,956,9961,99
90 X 120 cm74,054,956,9985,99
90 X 140 cm89,054,956,99100,99


Bring your photo mosaic to life with the glorious and distinctive look of HD-Metal. The light plays with the picture, which means that
your photo remains interesting, every time you look at it. For an exclusive look, choose HD-Metal.
SizePriceSendMosaicTotal (Incl. VAT)
50 X 50 cm94,054,956,99105,99
60 X 60 cm114,054,956,99125,99
80 X 80 cm174,054,956,99185,99
100 X 100 cm234,054,956,99245,99
50 X 70 cm104,054,956,99115,99
60 X 80 cm134,054,956,99145,99
60 X 90 cm144,054,956,99155,99
90 X 120 cm214,054,956,99225,99